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Yusef Fenestrate/IF-1667

The waters beyond this point are uncharted, tales from distant shores echoed back into our reality.


The following accounts can be traced to a single leather-bound journal originally found in a locked wooden chest alongside a sextant-like device of indeterminate origin and a shell that matches no known species of mollusc. The chest was located in a storage room in the Legscraper’s lower levels that was described as “smelling faintly of the sea”. Subsequent attempts to locate and navigate to said room have been unsuccessful thus far. The journal details the exploits of the crew of a large sailing vessel, The Tokyo Adrift, descriptions of which are largely consistent with mid-17th century galleons.

With The Tokyo Adrift

Yusef Fenestrate was a late addition to the crew of The Tokyo Adrift. Their first encounter with the ship was entirely by chance. Fenestrate, a resident of crystalline caves deep below the surface of the Immateria seas, would occasionally come up to the surface to gaze at the stars above. It was on one such evening that they were spotted by Grollis Zephyr from the crow’s nest of the ship, who saw a glint from the sea as “the last light of day refracted off the crystalline growths on their spine”. The pair forged a close bond over their shared interest in astronomy and navigation and continued to work together after Fenestrate was officially employed by Captain Strongbody.

Fenestrate is described as having a largely humanoid torso and arms, though their skin is marked by crystalline outcrops at seemingly irregular intervals. From the waist down, anatomical descriptions are reminiscent of the modern day stonefish, with dark textured skin to aid in camouflage with their native habitat of the subaqueous caverns. One entry seems to suggest that Fenestrate possessed the characteristic lachrymal sabers of the stonefish family, bony protrusions that emerged from below the eyes with a switchblade-like mechanism in times of distress. Fenestrate’s hands are also described as “giving the impression of lifeless stone; their palms were like the insides of geodes and their fingers, while fully tactile and articulated, were composed of the clearest crystal”. Fenestrate was known to look through these fingers while navigating. Modern scholars have suggested that Fenestrate’s fingers are made of Iceland spar, a transparent, polarising variety of calcite, possibly used in medieval times to locate the sun in overcast conditions for navigation.

Yusef Fenestrate/IF-28.114

Fenestrate is a Black Muslim Egyptian who uses any pronouns. In Japanese, na refers to naself as watashi and others refer to nan with masculine and feminine terms interchangeably, and in Arabic na is likewise referred to with هي/هو interchangeably. Na is autistic and has ADHD.

Early Life

Born in Luxor, Egypt, Fenestrate spent much of nan youth wandering the city and lingering near its historical and archaeological sites. As na grew up, na began hearing what na described as a form of music that could not be heard with one’s ears. When asked how one could hear music, if not with one's ears, na was vague, saying “I dunno, I just kind of hear it with my face, you know? The normal way you hear stuff like that.” Na has since described this phenomenon as “the universe’s symphony of resonant mundanities,” or as na more affectionately deems it, “some real rad tunes.”

Na started school for physics, thinking na might be better able to share the music with others if na studied the forces that make up the immaterial plane. Fenestrate began nan studies in Morocco and then returned to Egypt to transfer to a university in Cairo, but soon after the move na grew completely disillusioned with academia. Na decided na would benefit more from self-education that was built for nan way of learning instead of in spite of it, and dropped out to pursue nan own studies.

Freed from academia but inspired by nan time in Morocco, Fenestrate sought any and all opportunities to travel and see more of the world. Meanwhile, nan efforts to find a mentor in physics were fruitful as na came into contact with acclaimed mathematician and buff fitness buff Stijn Strongbody. The two spent some time exchanging mail about their theories. Fenestrate’s interests eventually shifted and na became more fascinated with the history of objects and how their songs change with the events that occur in their presence, and na dropped contact with Strongbody as nan research took nan from physics to history. Through the following years Fenestrate went through an intense punk phase, learned to play the piano, synths, and accordion, and moved to Tokyo. There, na started rooming with future teammate Coolname Galvanic, discovered na was aromantic after attempting to date Galvanic and breaking up on amicable terms[1], and came out as genderfluid.

Blaseball Career

After Strongbody performed what some on the Lift would later wistfully refer to as some “epic future vision math,” the events of 1997 allowed him to catch glimpses of the future where he recognized his former protege Fenestrate among the players on the yet-unformed team. The void left by the Ascension of the Baltimore Crabs and his rush to create the team of his vision prompted him to contact nan, asking whether na would like to join. Hoping to hear Blaseball’s own unique symphonic soundscape in person, Fenestrate accepted.

Nan performance since joining the Lift has been somewhat underwhelming. Fenestrate has told reporters that the sound of a home run is like no other, and despite nan clear skill in the splort and excellent plate discipline, na is often so focused on achieving hits with that particular resonance that na ends up making poor contact with the ball. Nan batting career has been a long series of home runs, groundouts and flyouts, and na is rarely actually seen on base where na would be able to demonstrate nan baserunning prowess. Even so, na easily remained one of the team’s better batters through the first half of the Expansion Era.

Time Spent Elsewhere

During the Lift’s final game of Season 14, Fenestrate was swept Elsewhere, and was there for the entirety of the two-year long siesta. Several months after nan return, a reporter stopped nan on the street and na commented on a peculiar quality of the space:

“[The world] has always been a place of music to me. Every object... every being resonates with its own particular sound to create an impossible symphony beyond anything our ears can sense. Rubber-insulated wires and decomposing bark alike sing in languages I can’t really ever hope to translate for you. So while you may not quite understand the gravity of the situation, I’ll ask you to at least try to imagine what was going through my head when I was Elsewhere and everything was silent. I’ve never really experienced that before... It shook me. Yeah. I’d say it shook me far more than I would have expected.”

Despite maintaining nan usual laid-back countenance and deliberate speech patterns, nan speech became notably slower and more prone to trailing off in the middle of a sentence, and na has conducted few talks at the Lift’s community center since nan return.


After the respective redaction and incineration of Lift vice-captain Lance Serotonin and captain Strongbody, Fenestrate and Gerund Pantheocide replaced them as co-captains of the Lift. While Pantheocide leapt to the task, Fenestrate found naself thrust into the position almost by surprise as nan teammates went to nan for nan level-headed judgement and advice. While on her own, Pantheocide was too quick to follow her heart and commit wholeheartedly to the task at hand without adequately thinking things through, Fenestrate was too reluctant to commit to any course of action when so many options were available. Together, Pantheocide pulled Fenestrate out of nan comfort zone to make decisions and commit, and Fenestrate directed Pantheocide's seemingly boundless energy in more productive ways. Having previously bonded over a shared love of punk music and culture, the two further bonded through the consistent push and pull of their joint leadership that propelled the Lift forwards to their first Championship in Season 19, and became fast friends.

The high of their Turntables-induced Championship did not last for long, as the Lift experienced four roster changes in one election, Pantheocide received her first level of Ego, and Fenestrate had one of nan worst-performing seasons up until na was swept Elsewhere on Day 59. Fenestrate arrived back, newly Negative and heavily Scattered for the first time, shortly before Pantheocide's death. After a short period of mourning, Fenestrate set nan grief aside and quietly announced that na was unfit to act as sole captain of the Lift, and advised the team against appointing a replacement in light of the demise of the previous three captains.

The Fifth Base

In Season 22, Fenestrate picked up the Fifth Base in a game against the Georgias at the very last moment, tying the game up, but put it back down in the Gym the next day, right before Super Roamin' was due to send nan to another team. Fenestrate declined to comment on what drove nan pick up the base in the first place, and what made nan change nan mind.


As a generally good-natured and mellow-mannered individual, Fenestrate has few troubles getting along with most members of the Lift.

Despite their previous acquaintance, Fenestrate and Strongbody remained somewhat distant and awkward up until Strongbody's incineration. Na once admitted to feeling that he still just saw nan as the kid he mentored rather than the person that kid has become.

Na continues to co-inhabit nan old apartment with Galvanic, and the two have a close partnership. Additionally, na has what has been described as a "complicated" queerplatonic relationship with Grollis Zephyr, rents a makerspace in Tokyo with Concrete Mandible, Terrell Bradley, and Theodore Honeywell, and na has also been recorded referring to the twice-late Alejandro Leaf as nan aunt on several occasions despite sharing no publicly-known familial connections. Fenestrate taught Persephone "Percy" Violence to use henna while she was still on the Lift, and they still meet up after Lift/Tigers series to get coffee and refresh each others' henna (Fenestrate) and paint (Violence).


  • Although Fenestrate is recorded as having the "Tattooing" pregame ritual, this may be a clerical error: na actually does henna, as tattooing is haram.
  • Fenestrate is a polyglot. Na is fluent in Egyptian Arabic, Classical Arabic, English, Japanese, ESL, and JSL, and na has learned the basics of Spanish, Mandarin, and Hindi both from nan teammates and from traveling prior to joining the Lift.
  • Fenestrate takes a lot of comfort in cooking, and occasionally calls home for recipes from nan aunts.
  • In an interview, Fenestrate stated that if na was to compete in any non-blaseball splort, na would like to swim professionally.
  • Fenestrate is a skilled glassblower. Na makes nan own glass masks and windows, wearing different windows for different outfits and occasions. In particular, na wears masks that incorporate the Evil Eye into the design during solar eclipses as a ward. Na also has made Evil Eye necklaces and bracelets for all nan teammates.
  • Fenestrate is a hobbyist composer and multi-instrumentalist. Nan music is often esoteric, relying as much on the sonic texture inherent to objects as on more traditional musical instruments.

Yusef Fenestrate/IF-89.328


Near the beginning of Fenestrate’s ILB career, rumors began circulating that Fenestrate has a window where their face should be. These rumors are completely untrue, and anyone who spreads them is a malicious liar. It just happens to be that their face looks remarkably like a window from certain angles; when you closely inspect Fenestrate, you can easily make out features of a normal human’s face, such as two average eyes and one unremarkable mouth. There is no window there. Do not attempt to look into the window.

Along with these rumors came questions, such as “how do they eat?”, and “how can they talk?”. The answer is obvious when you disregard these evil lies; in both cases, they use their normal, human mouth that is not a glass pane. It can be difficult to see mouth movement due to the way they speak and the fact that they don’t eat around others. The popular theory that they eat by opening the window and inserting food is completely nonsensical. If they even had a window on their face, the ILB would’ve specifically instructed them to keep the window shut at all times. Hypothetically, of course. Do not attempt to look into the window.

Occasionally, overly curious fans who fall for these unfounded claims feel the need to get close to Fenestrate in order to look into the window that isn’t on their face. Each of these people have claimed to be motivated by “a silent voice within them” to peer into the fallacious glass. Anyone who attempts to look into the window is immediately detained and interrogated by special bodyguards assigned to Fenestrate by ILB officials. These bodyguards are for everyone’s safety. Do not attempt to look into the window.

If you feel yourself beginning to believe that Fenestrate has a window where their face should be, please listen to reason and ignore these incorrect ideas until they go away. If you can’t rid yourself of these malicious thoughts, or worse, you begin to feel the urge to look into the window, please report yourself to an ILB official for emergency re-education. This is for your own good.

Do not attempt to look into the window.

Just listen to them talk about jigsaw puzzles or something.

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  1. The date was at a local Costco. Years later, they mentioned the failed Costco Date to Pantheocide, who delightedly told Val Hitherto, and before long the entire team knew. The infamous Costco Date became a long-running joke that would culminate in many members actually going on their own ironic Costco Dates until it became a celebrated Lift tradition.