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Yellowstone National Park

National Park Services Standardized Irregularity Report

Documenting Researcher: Doctor Weldai

Irregularity Designation: YS-014 (“The Recordkeeper”)

Irregularity Class: Native

Park Management Protocol:

  • The Recordkeeper cannot be managed.
  • If you believe you see The Recordkeeper, cease all movement and do not engage under any circumstances.
  • If a tourist believes they have seen The Recordkeeper, execute The Fellspar Protocol immediately.

Irregularity Description:
Not much is known about the Forest's Recordkeeper. It has never been captured on video or camera. Accounts of the Recordkeeper’s appearance vary, and all claims are dubious at best. The most popular theory among Rangers is “The Mushroom Theory”, that The Recordkeeper is composed of an ambulatory mycelium colony. It is unclear whether they think this is the truth or just frustration at the supposed existence of an uncatchable, unknowable creature. Some Rangers have reported strange movement from the trees themselves at times. Some think it simply may appear in a variety of forms depending on the situation. One theory even posits that The Recordkeeper is the Form of Interconnectedness itself, and that something about The Park has created a nexus for it, allowing it to manifest in any complex ecological network within.

Winning the personal attention of The Recordkeeper is unlikely to be a good thing. Rangers have reported strange encounters during late nights in the remote areas of the Park and noticed strange moles on their back upon returning to more well-travelled paths. Everyone agrees it is a record of some sort. But of what, nobody is certain.

There is only one certainty when it comes to the Recordkeeper. Its records are impeccable.