YS-001 (Original)

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The remainder of this article contains lore created collaboratively by the Blaseball community.

Yellowstone National Park

National Park Service Standardized Irregularity Report

Documenting Researcher: Researcher Lestrange

Irregularity Designation: YS-001 (“Bluesky National Park”)

Irregularity Class: YGGDRASIL

Park Management Protocol: Information regarding YS-001 is to be restricted to clearance level Fourth Base on a “need-to-know” basis. Park staff who learn of YS-001 without the proper clearance are to be detained for reeducation, and any individual found to be attempting to leak information regarding YS-001 is to be immediately terminated.

Any and all underground cavities reaching a depth of at least 100 meters are to be constantly patrolled by Park Rangers. Under no circumstances may any individual be allowed past the 100 meter mark without proper clearance. Park guests are to be disincentivized from looking too closely at the sky.

While the extent is unknown, Yellowstone Magic is associated with continued safekeeping of YS-001, and all possible resources are to be allocated to the team so that they may continue their mission. Despite this, No members of the Yellowstone Magic are considered to have a clearance level of Fourth Base, and thus all previous procedures remain in effect.

Irregularity Description: YS-001 is a poorly understood space connected to the Yellowstone National Park. It is not currently known if YS-001 is extradimensional, extraplanar, non-euclidian, or a time-space flucture. YS-001 takes the form of a non-exact duplicate of the Yellowstone National Park, suspended upside down in the sky above the Park. This space is primarily known by its codename, “Bluesky”. YS-001 is not normally visible while within the park, despite tests confirming that it is still physically present. It is not known why this effect occurs, but there are several known ritualistic methods of allowing an individual to view YS-001.

There are two theoretically possible methods of entering YS-001; drilling, spelunking, or otherwise going underground past a depth of at least 100 meters, or rising at least 200 meters into the air. When an individual passes these thresholds, they will experience a reversal of gravity – this is generally not noticed by individuals entering through underground methods. From this point, they are considered to be within YS-001, but they must either fall or climb another 200 or 100 meters respectively to reach the surface of YS-001. However, all recorded attempts at entering YS-001 using artificial methods, such as drilling or flying in on a helicopter, have resulted in catastrophic failure. The only successful attempts at entering YS-001 were made by highly experienced Park Rangers with strong spiritual beliefs, entering through the underground cave networks.

The surface of YS-001 appears similar to the surface of Yellowstone, however on closer inspection a majority of flora and fauna within YS-001 bears only a passing resemblance to the life in Yellowstone. It is currently assumed that life within YS-001 diverged evolutionarily from the life in Yellowstone at some unknown point in time prior to the evolution of humankind. Much of the life within YS-001 has unusual coloration and behavior, such as reports of “Flying Beavers”, “Photo-Negative Bison”, and “Carnivorous Trees”. There is no evidence of habitation by any sapient beings. Attempts to leave evidence of sapient habitation has failed.

Additional Notes: This is utterly insane, even by our standards. We’ve been poking and prodding at this thing for months now and we’re not getting any closer to understanding what’s going on. The Park Rangers are really up in arms about our involvement, too- a lot of them don’t even know that Bluesky exists, but they just sort of seem to hate that we’re even here. The level of secrecy and bureaucracy related to this thing is breaking my brain- I can’t even imagine how many people this has to have involved, how many years we’ve known about this. It’s almost like this thing resists any attempts at understanding it- we’ve confirmed almost nothing about it, half of this document alone is wild speculation cleaned up as much as possible! And yet I just can’t get it out of my head. Every time I go outside, I look up, up at that false sky, and I can’t stop thinking that it’s going to all fall down on top of me.