Wyatt Dovenpart/IF-502.34

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Rumor / Community Lore
This article contains lore created collaboratively by the Blaseball community. It is just one of many Rumors that we've found in the Interdimensional Rumor Mill. You can find more Rumors about Wyatt Dovenpart at their Rumor Registry.


Al Pastor Memorial Stadium’s material form Corrupted, Dovenpart (then Davenport), on the mound for the Unslam, appears to have Corrupted with it. Although they maintain a level of material integrity, continuing to generally resemble a human, their entirety is rarely visible all at the same time.

Sections of their body appear to dull, darkening and generally losing all definable texture for periods ranging from a few seconds to multiple minutes at a time. Varying glitching appearances, namely where patches of their body transform into vibrant waves of interconnected colors, become blacked out and generally blurry, turn entirely invisible, or lose geometric details, have all been reported on different occasions. Their teammates have established that certain people witness different glitches at the same time, and that those present at the time of the Unslam see less glitches than others. Dovenpart themself likely sees the glitches, in their own unique, non-linear fashion.

Dovenpart also tends to glitch into past versions of themself, jumping back a few seconds at a time and having to repreform tasks. While Dovenpart has made no comment on their lack of material permanence, onlookers have stated that multiple versions of them periodically appear, having to strain their eyes to make out movements with the short lag between the Wyatt's actions. Objects also seem to pass through glitching sections of them, as stated by teammate Vito Kravitz: "That kid? Heh. They can hardly hold a wrench! It just keeps phasing through their hands. I'd rather work with that peanut kid than them some days!"

They are also known to emit a faint static, growing in volume as you get closer to them. It is theorized that the excess of sound is the reason for their lack of speaking, while others point to the Interviews for an answer. Another theory for this, as well as for their material errors, has to do with their digital doppelgänger, as their hair has alternated between levels of red and brown. While sustaining silence to the media since these events, fellow Tacos have explained that they slowly began to speak to close friends, where, among other things, they were able to the best of their understanding, explain the computer-esque glitching they undergo in short, frustrated segments.