Wyatt Dovenpart/IF-502.29

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Dovenpart's Doppelgänger

At some point prior to Season 1, the first game of the ILB 2K██ series was released. Regarding Wyatt Dovenpart (then Lee Davenport), this is noteworthy for several reasons: they objected to their likeness being used in a simulation, he insisted that the game had gotten their hair color wrong, and, most intriguingly, he was not at that time signed up for Internet League Blaseball, having a level of interest in kickball but otherwise working at a community garden and bakery. They stated their doubts that they would ever wind up in a game of Blaseball, and that the game was wildly inaccurate.

Fate, of course, had other plans for Lee Davenport; Dovenpart joined the Tacos alongside longtime family friend Wyatt Mason, lured in by the appeal of kickball and Al Pastor's deceptive marketing. Both of them enjoyed the relative calm of Season One. At that point, still speaking, they were quoted saying, "If the doppelgänger predicted me joining this splort, what else can it predict?" It would appear that his concern was not entirely misplaced. On Season 2 Day 73, it was reported that ILB 2K██'s servers went down for almost three hours.

By the time the Quantum Curveball was hit on Season 3 Day 73, his game figure used the 502 Error to its advantage and began materializing in Los Angeli. Although infrequent, team members have expressed that a red-haired Dovenpart had given forewarnings varying in significance, from the team’s 3-9 loss on Season 5 Day 23, to the existence of a wave-based weather event, which eventually resulted in Dovenpart's swap to the Lineup in Season 5. The ominous air of these messages made it unclear whether they were a warning or a threat. Only one of its messages is on record, when it stated that "Your friends will wind up working for the very thing they fight against". During the appearances of the digital doppelgänger, Dovenpart likely became lost in LA’s Corruption and fell into the team's Shadows. Having only vague memories of the Shadows once returning, he only knows of the doppelgänger's actions through secondhand reports from teammates, although they tend to fail to remember details as time passes.

Although Dovenpart's hair could be reasonably described as brown or brown-adjacent for most of their ILB career, it appeared to have gradually become more ginger over time. Post Feedback of NaN (previously Wyatt Mason) at the beginning of Season 9, doppelgänger sightings rose steadily, until the point of Day X, when Dovenpart began to consistently glitch out of physicality between Los Angeli and the Shadows. With little to no sense of physical self, paired with concern over being replaced by their doppelgänger as every disaster seemed to bring them closer, Dovenpart eventually ended up formally Shadowed with the Downsizing Blessing.