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Washer Barajas/IF-13.1.12-D

Ornithomantic Assignation

A scrap of damp parchment is inscribed in blue ink by the Augur's hand

A collection of these notes was located in a file cabinet within the Yellowstone National Park Ballpark offices, all sharing a similar handwriting and purpose. Each note describes a member of the Yellowstone Magic, in synchronicity with a known reality counterpart, but as a particular species of bird. It remains unclear why the Augur is scrying these particular ornithomancies and what purpose they may serve, but the findings are dutifully recorded and cataloged when new ones are discovered.

Scrying target: Washer Barajas (Magic lineup, animated geyser?)

Ornithomantic assignation: American dipper (Cinclus mexicanus) - also known as water ouzel. Unusual songbird that has adapted to a life spent diving in streams!

Silhouette is recognizable - stout songbird, somewhat smaller than familiar American robin. Short tail, short wings, long legs (relatively). However, where typical dippers are dark grey in coloration, this individual appears to be composed of an ever-shifting collection of superheated water and steam, appearing whitish from a distance. Appearance of eye is a single spinning coin (?) - unable to resolve face value, country of origin, or metallic composition (copper?)

Actual composition is consistent with appearance: hydrogeological gasses, water, unknown coin, and stray bits of peanut and shell. In short, a geyser with a coin and some peanut bits in it, in the shape of a most unusual aquatic songbird! (Water elemental? Hydrothermal elemental? Clearly location-bound...what about away games?)

Arachismic-legumic reactivity: poor. Previous event in Season β5 has ongoing repercussions in actual physical composition! (this is consistent)

Sanguinicity: as yet unknown (no events in record - also consistent)

Migration status: nonmigratory, bound to park. (again - what about away games??)

Ley line attunement: effervescent and fumarolic (occasional association of smoke and sulfur?) with strong conative affinities (enaction of wishes?)

The longer I observe this individual, the more complexities I uncover. For instance, I would much like to know-

The parchment is blank beyond those words, except for one drop of ink beneath the word uncover.

Washer Barajas/IF-21.581

Play It, Don't Spray It

Washer is observed as a bat and hat caught in the waters of a geyser within the Park. The bat fell in naturally, the hat was added by Merlinmeyer after the geyser hit a triple, officially drafting it into the Magic.

After several fans tried to recreate this incident, the Park Service was forced to amend warning signs throughout the park. They now read, "Please do not throw anything into the natural features of our amazing park, not even blaseball bats. We assure you that the creation of star hitter Washer Barajas is an isolated incident that cannot be replicated."

Not long after Penelope "Lucky Penny" Mathews left the team due to a feedback swap, a fan tossed a coin into Washer to make a wish. While this practice is not uncommon (though it is strictly discouraged), usually coins are quickly ejected - but this coin was caught in Wash and remains in their geyser, spinning infinitely. Local Parkpark hedge witches theorized that as it does so, it collects infinite wish energy. Fans have taken this as a sign that Penny's lucky spirit is still with them. The hedge witches remind fans that Penny is not dead, just in New York, and warn that if the coin were ever to land, the resulting expulsion of wish energy could be catastrophic.

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