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Vibes are displayed on the in-game page of every player. They are known to fluctuate based on each player's attributes, but what effect if any they have on performance is unknown.

Different Vibes
Players can differentiate between 7 different vibes.

The 7 Vibes, from best to worst
๐Ÿ •๐Ÿ •๐Ÿ • Most Excellent
๐Ÿ •๐Ÿ • Excellent
๐Ÿ • Quality
โฌŒ Neutral
๐Ÿ — Less Than Ideal
๐Ÿ —๐Ÿ — Far Less Than Ideal
๐Ÿ —๐Ÿ —๐Ÿ — Honestly Terrible