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Vibes are a category of Player Attributes, consisting of Thrive, Survive, and Drama.

In Beta, Vibes were displayed as a status on Player pages. They were known to fluctuate based on each player's attributes, but what effect, if any, they had on performance is currently unknown.


Vibe Levels

Players can differentiate between 7 different vibes.

Arrows Vibes, descending from highest to lowest
↑↑↑ Most Excellent
↑↑ Excellent
Less Than Ideal
↓↓ Far Less Than Ideal
↓↓↓ Honestly Terrible

Vibe Compositions

A Player's vibes are made up of the following attributes:

  • Buoyancy, a batting attribute that controls the rate at which vibes fluctuate.
  • Cinnamon, an attribute that controls the highest peak at which a vibe can fluctuate to.
  • Pressurization, an attribute that controls the lowest peak at which a vibe can fluctuate to.

Grind Rails

During the Season 15 Latesiesta, many of the Teams opted to purchase the Grind Rail Renovation. A player's Cinnamon is involved in the formula to calculate Grind Rail trick scores.