Valentine Games/IF-26.300

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F. -- we've lost Games. And no, I'm not talking about our middling Season 11 record. He's gone native. We sent them to investigate the Normal PheNomenon a year and a half ago and I don't think any of the dispatches she's sent back since are legitimate. They're just -- jokes, or magazine cutouts -- we haven't technically lost contact but they have given us no useful information whatsoever -- we have footage of them taunting M. over his failed attempts at remote memory modifications -- none of these maps describe anyplace in our records, although that might be an effect of the spatial anomalies inherent to Los Angelii -- I decoded one of her last messages and all that was in it was a recipe for tomatillo salsa and what appears to be a crude drawing of the Monitor. What is he doing? What are they up to? What is going on? We can't retrieve them for at least the next year -- nothing but black holes and sunny days as far as the eye can see.