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UnabashedlyRose was a lineup player for the Chicago Firefighters, and has been with the team since Season 24, Day 13. Espinoza has played for the Canada Artists, Rising Stars, and New York Millennials.

Official League Records

Espinoza's debut date is unknown, but they were a lineup player for the Canada Artists when the team was incinerated on Season D, Day 3. Espinoza was the only player to be incinerated in this event, as the Fire Protector modification protected the rest of the team, who went on to join the Topeka Moist Talkers.

Espinoza was named an MVP following Season 23, Day 99, and gained the Ego+ modification.

As a player with an Ego modification, Espinoza was recruited to the Rising Stars to play in the ILB Semi-Centennial game. Following the game, Espinoza joined the New York Millennials.

On Season 24, Day 11, Espinoza was attacked by Consumers, losing their last Soul. Espinoza was then REDACTED and removed from the Millennials' roster. On Day 13, Espinosa exited the Secret Base at the Fire Safety Awareness Center, losing Redacted and gaining the Attractor modification. Upon being batted in by Baby Triumphant, Espinoza joined the Chicago Firefighters' bench.

The remainder of this article contains lore created collaboratively by the Blaseball community.

Ultra League Blaseball

Little is known about the original career of Agnan Espinoza outside of what could be found in the Library entry entitled A Save. The entry depicts the unstable Canada Artists being incinerated by a rogue umpire and Espinoza’s Fire Protector modification allowing the rest of the team to join the Artist's replacement team, the Topeka Moist Talkers. Espinoza themself was the only one to remain on the team, and entered the Hall of Flame alone.

Internet League Blaseball

The records for Espinoza begin again in Season 21, when the Canadian Artists were revealed in the Library by the un-redaction of Pre-History I.

It is at this point that Espinoza was able to rejoin the greater Hall of Flame. While she was quick to ingratiate herself with other members of the hall, she found herself gravitating towards Raúl Leal in particular, as thanks to the Iffey Jr.Leal’s role on the Miami Dale was similar to Espinoza’s own on the Artists. When other curious ghosts asked Espinoza about the ULB she would admit her memory of the league was not especially clear, in particular having a hard time remembering events before her death. They did occasionally find themselves discussing their previous teammates, though often only in snatches of memories they had of them rather than in detailed recollections.

As xe adjusted to xyr new place in the Hall, Espinoza was surprised to learn that Fans wanted her to participate in the scheduled Semi-Centennial. Considering how xyr last season of play went, xe were hesitant to join the Rising Stars, not even showing an eagerness to see other former ULB members on the Rising Stars, or even the now Legendary Clare Ballard on the Vault Legends.

On Season 23, Day 99 Espinoza was idolized by fans and given the Ego modification, being drafted to the Rising Stars team and playing in the Semi-Centennial. While not enthused at the outcome, They did try their best to socialize with their temporary teammates. In particular they spoke with Beck Whitney about a team that Espinoza recognized from their days on the field - the New York Millennials. Espinoza was very interested in hearing how the team had changed since she was last alive, and chatted with Whitney through the end of the Semi-Centennial, destruction of the Sun(Sun), and return to life as the two were thrown back to New York together.

The New York Millennials

While the adjustment to being resurrected was often considered a difficult one, the New York Millennials were no stranger to the phenomenon, and eager to assist their new teammate in finding xyr feet in the modern ILB.

Espinoza quickly made fast friends on the team, getting along finding common ground with the Millenial’s own Fire Eater, Andrew Solis. The two spent a lot of time together, owing to their shared experiences meaning that Soils was one of the few people that could relate to Espinoza's role on their last team. Alongside Soils, Patty Fox, and Mullen Peterson, Espinoza was quickly adjusting back to life in active play.

While this new version of blaseball started feeling familiar to what Espinoza had once played in, but, xe quickly learned just how different it could still be. While Espinoza knew how to handle the searing heat of the umpires, the addition of Consumers would prove to be xyr downfall. No one understood why the Consumers kept going after Espinoza, but on Season 24 Day 11 undefended from the onslaught and suffering three attacks in a single game, Espinoza was last seen being dragged under the Immateria by Consumers before being Redacted.

Saddened by the loss of their teammate, the Millennials returned to The Apartment after the game only to find something unexpected from Espinoza. Having sensed that xyr time on the team was coming to an end, xe left a painting of xyr teammates that xe had recently completed along with a small farewell note, saying that they made this “just in case the worst came to pass”.

Attraction to the Chicago Firefighters

The next time Agnan Espinoza was seen was on Season 24, Day 13 emerging from the secret base in Chicago’s Firehouse. The Firefighters swept into action, with Baby Triumphant hitting Espinoza and xyr new teammate Stout Schmitt home to attract xyr to the team.

Returning to the dugout Schmitt and the rest of the team were quick to assist the wayward Espinoza, providing her with medical attention and a place to recover in the Firefighter’s shadows, where she remained for the duration of the Season.