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Items were introduced at the end of Season 15 as a result of the Bats Decree, which granted all active (non-Shadows) players in the ILB a Bat item.

Players can hold one item for every evolution level they have - so while most players can only hold 1 item, Evolution 1 players can hold 2 items, and so on.

Items can have an effect on the hitting, pitching, baserunning or defense ratings of the player holding them, and also have unique properties:

  • Type: Bat, Cap, Sunglasses, Ring, etc.
  • Durability: If this value reaches 0, the Item is broken
  • Elements: Extra properties of this Item, such as "Cold", "Inflatable", or "Plant-Based"
  • Mods: Modifications granted by the item, if any

Generic Items have a simple name like "Bat" and affect a single attribute.

Type Attribute
Bat +Thwackability
Board +Groundfriction
Cap +Unthwackability
Field +Tenaciousness
Glove +Omniscience
Jersey +Musclitude
Necklace +Moxie
Ring +Ruthlessness
Shoes +Laserlikeness
Sunglasses +Cinnamon

Rare Items also exist, which possess extra Elements that affect more attributes. Each Element also adds 1 additional durability. Items can even have more than one Element at a time, such as the Sharp Gravity Holey Glove, which has a Durability of 4 and the Sharp, Gravity, and Holey Elements.

The following Elements affect Durability (on top of the +1 Durability for each Element):

Element Durability bonus
Paper -3
Glass -2
Plastic -1
Rock +1
Concrete +2

The following Elements grant Modifications:

Element Modification granted
Ambitious +  Ambitious
Blaserunning +  Blaserunning
Careful +  Careful
Chunky +  Chunky
Clutch +  High Pressure
Entanglement +  Entangled
Fire Eating +  Fire Eater
Fireproof +  Fireproof
Force +  Force
Golden +  Super Idol
Gravity +  Gravity
Noise-Cancelling +  Soundproof
Observation +  Observed
Parasitic +  Parasite
Repeating +  Repeating
Skate +  Pro Skater
Squiddish +  Squiddish
Travelling +  Traveling
Uncertain +  Uncertain

The following Elements affect player Attributes:

Element Batting Pitching Baserunning Defense Miscellaneous
Air +Buoyancy
Aluminum -Buoyancy
Arm +Thwackability +Unthwackability
Blood +Divinity
Brambly +Ruthlessness +Anticapitalism
Chaotic +Moxie
Charisma +Divinity
Cool +Moxie +Coldness +Laserlikeness
Cryogenic +Coldness
Dexterity +Thwackability +Continuation +Omniscience
Frosty +Coldness +Chasiness
Greedy +Basethirst
Hard +Musclitude +Ruthlessness -Omniscience
Head +Moxie +Omniscience
Hearty +Indulgence +Tenaciousness +Pressurization
Holey +Divinity
Hot -Moxie
Inflatable +Buoyancy
Intelligence +Ruthlessness
Leg +Laserlikeness +Chasiness
Limestone -Overpowerment
Lucky +Divinity
Mesh +Moxie -Overpowerment
Metaphorical +Shakespearianism -Continuation +Chasiness
Passionate +Basethirst
Plant-Based -Buoyancy +Suppression +Watchfulness
Rubber -Overpowerment
Sharp +Thwackability +Unthwackability +Groundfriction -Tenaciousness
Slimy -Laserlikeness +Omniscience
Smokey +Tragicness +Ruthlessness
Stamina +Basethirst
Strength +Musclitude +Overpowerment
Vanity -Martyrdom
Vitality +Basethirst
Weird +Patheticism
+Shakespearianism +Groundfriction +Cinnamon
Wisdom +Indulgence +Omniscience
Wooden +Thwackability -Laserlikeness -Tenaciousness
the Famine -Thwackability +Unthwackability
the Feast +Thwackability -Unthwackability