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Underachiever is a Player Modification, first seen during the Season β19 Elections via the Go Big? Go Home Blessing.


When a player with the Underachiever modification hits a Home Run, any Runs scored will become Unruns, while any Unruns scored will become Runs.

Underachiever has no effect on pitchers.


To date, Underachiever has only been seen once. In the Season β19 Earlsiesta, The Reader added four blessings to the Election Ballot, including the Go Big? Go Home blessing which would give Underachiever to a random player on a team that was not the winner of the blessing. Despite the Baltimore Crabs contributing 20% of the votes, the Boston Flowers won the blessing, and Alston Cerveza of the Crabs was given the Underachiever modification.

After exactly one season, Cerveza lost the Underachiever modification after the Crabs re-rolled the modification into The Fourth Strike, using a Reform Will in the Season β20 Elections. Underachiever has not been seen since.


  • Cerveza hit a total of 24 home runs over 22 games in Season 20 before their Underachiever modification was re-rolled, scoring a grand total of 32 unruns and 4 Runs for the Crabs that season off of home runs.
Underachiever vs Underhanded
    • Of the four Runs Cerveza scored, one came from their home run ending up in a Big Bucket on Day 64, while the other three were off a three-run home run against Underhanded pitcher Michelle Sportsman on Day 69.
    • Four of these Unruns were earned in a single at-bat on Day 30, when Cerveza hit a Grand Slam.
      • Despite the collection of Unruns generally being antithetical to winning games,citation needed the Season 20 Crabs had a better win rate in games where Cerveza hit a Home Run (13 of 22, or 59.1%), than games where they did not (38 of 77, or 49.4%).
  • Thanks to Underachiever, and Cerveza's ability to still score regular runs off of non-homerun bats, Cerveza achieved an RBI of exactly 0.00 in Season 20[1].

See Also

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  • Underhanded - a Player modification for pitchers, which flips the polarity of Runs and Unruns earned off of conceded Home Runs.
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