Total Fairness

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Total Fairness is a modification that was used in the Season β11 Elections to ensure each team only received one Blessing.


Total Fairness is a modification that has only been seen in Season 11, and was applied to every team at the start of the season. As a result, in the Election the Blessings were drawn one at a time and in order - with votes from teams that had already won their blessing being removed. This resulted in some unexpected outcomes, such as the Hellmouth Sunbeams winning XII The Hanged Man which was drawn first, and therefore missing out on  XVIIII The Sun, which was drawn twenty-third and won by the Mexico City Wild Wings with 0% of the vote.


Total Fairness was introduced at the start of Season β11 by the Boss to mark the start of the Peace and Prosperity Era, and to show a commitment to Fair Play. The only blessings available that season were the Tarot Cards, with a total of 24 cards available for 24 teams.

This election mechanic was introduced again in the Short Circuits, though it did not include the Total Fairness modification.