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Recent Edits Post-Feedback

Summary by TwoHeadedButt

Update completed and added to main page.

AlexKitfox (talkcontribs)

Hey all!

So, Link reached out to me on the Lovers Discord and told me that when I made my edits I had bypassed a few new processes that had been established on the wiki when dealing with writing new lore. I wrote the new Lovers section to Fletcher's page, which I added following related discussions in the Polyhedron. Unfortunately, what I should have done was list my requested changes here and update the article once confirming that there wasn't any opposition or requests for revision first. I apologize for this, as I am a totally new editor on the wiki. Link informed me it would be fine if I wrote a discussion now in lieu of the edits being removed.

Are there any changes that anybody would like to make to what was posted, or is there anything about my edits that they would like removed?

Much appreciated,


R4bbitdragon (talkcontribs)

I'm glad Fletch has a new bird friend!

That said, as a Friday I would feel a little sad about his leave as voluntary, we were pretty attached to him and he was a dedicated captain. Would there be room for it being more along the lines of 'he made a new friend, which at least worked out after an unexpected sudden swap?'

AlexKitfox (talkcontribs)

That could work! I absolutely did not mean to make it sound like he willfully abandoned the Flowers. I think that's a pretty easy change to make.

TwoHeadedButt (talkcontribs)

This could tie in neatly with the "oops Yeong-Ho accidentally charmed him" stuff we've been talking about. Maybe something along the lines of:

Joining the San Francisco Lovers

Early in Season 12, Yellowstone Magic pitcher Yeong-Ho Garcia arrived at the San Francisco Lovers via feedback. Inspired by their new team's Charm ability, Garcia attempted the maneuver themself. Garcia, being a new addition to the team, had no ability whatsoever to perform a Charm; however, their eagerness to do so combined with their well-established affinity for birds resulted in them accidentally recruiting Yamamoto to the team. (Void person NaN went to the Fridays in his place, as they were "ready to leave the nest.")

The Lovers expressed deep regret at their accidental recruitment of the Fridays' captain, promising to make him as comfortable as possible in San Francisco. Helga Burton and/or Moreno was quoted as saying, "I mean, we, like, just built an aviary. The little guy can totally stay in it if he wants." The Lovers also encouraged Yamamoto to retain his title of Captain; although no captaincies were available on the actual blaseball team, he was appointed Bird Captain of the Lovers' Court.

The circumstances of their friendship notwithstanding, Yamamoto and Garcia did, in fact, form a close bond as the two newest members of the Lovers. The two of them are also reportedly friendly with player and former land of Montgomery County Bontgomery Mullock, who is known to be popular with birds as he is literally a tree person. Yamamoto can often be seen nesting in Mullock's branches, while Garcia prefers to lean against his trunk.

Let me know what y'all think!

AlexKitfox (talkcontribs)

This is really good! I love the added bits about the Helgas and Bonty, it's a much smoother welcome to the Lovers I feel, compared to what I originally wrote.

R4bbitdragon (talkcontribs)

Yeah, really like this version! Especially like the Bonty bit, as the Friday's local Monty Liker. Cool that Fletch got the chance to meet both now.

AlexKitfox (talkcontribs)

It's been a while, so I am adding this version to the article. Thanks for the input!

AlexKitfox (talkcontribs)

Oh, whoops. Already been added, my mistake!

Inumo (talkcontribs)

Per collaboration policy, the lore edits are being undone until this conversation is settled. Please find the proposed lore block below:

Joining the San Francisco Lovers

Shortly after Yeong-Ho Garcia was traded to the San Francisco Lovers, the team's new pitcher was eager to start making new bird friends at the PolyHedron. Eventually Garcia's strong bird affinity made its impact in the middle of a midseason blaseball game between the Lovers and Fridays, during Season 12. During this game, Garcia befriended Yamamoto, at the time still serving as the Fridays' captain. Once he had been approached, Yamamoto formed an unexpectedly close bond with the Lovers' new court wizard, resulting in his trade with NaN. He now takes residency within the PolyHedron's aviary between games, where Garcia acts as caretaker.

After joining the Lovers, Yamamoto retained his title as captain; although he is not captain of the full team, he was instead named Bird Captain of the Lovers' Court.

Moom (talkcontribs)

This is an IRM idea for Fletcher I had a while back that never made it to the wiki as it was a joke.

IRM: Fletcher is a burly old man with a wild beard & balding head who has been a member of a biker gang for the majority of his life. He can be recognized Hawaiian Honeycreeper (known as an 'I'iwi in his local Hawai'i) embroidered on his jacket.

When he is not playing blaseball or riding his bike he loves to decompress with some gardening.