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Summary by TwoHeadedButt

"Court Wizard of the San Francisco Lovers" section added and expanded

AlexKitfox (talkcontribs)

Hey all!

So, Link reached out to me on the Lovers Discord and told me that when I made my edits I had bypassed a few new processes that had been established on the wiki when dealing with writing new lore. I wrote the new IRM article and designed the Tlopps card, both of which I added to this page following related discussions in the Polyhedron. Unfortunately, what I should have done was list my requested changes here and update the article once confirming that there wasn't any opposition or requests for revision first. I apologize for this, as I am a totally new editor on the wiki. Link informed me it would be fine if I wrote a discussion now in lieu of the edits being removed.

Regarding the new Tlopps card and IRM entry (IF-33.286), are there any changes that anybody would like to make to what was posted, or is there anything about my edits that they would like removed?

Much appreciated,


Dawnfeathers (talkcontribs)

As a magic fan, this gets my stamp of approval!

TwoHeadedButt (talkcontribs)

Just wanna tack on here that I'm planning on fleshing out the "accidentally recruited Yamamoto" paragraph with stuff we discussed in the server! (I'll do a proper writeup tomorrow when I'm awake)

AlexKitfox (talkcontribs)

I'd appreciate it! That sort of thing could also be useful to include in Talk:Fletcher Yamamoto while that edit is also under discussion.

TwoHeadedButt (talkcontribs)

alright I got writers' blocked on this for a hot minute but here's what I got (to replace the last standalone line in the current Lovers section) :

Garcia's ability to befriend birds has even extended to fellow ILB players. Upon joining the Lovers, Garcia was inspired by their new team's Charm ability, going so far as to attempt the maneuver themself. Garcia, being a new addition to the team, had no ability whatsoever to perform a Charm; however, their eagerness to do so, combined with their bird-befriending prowess, resulted in them accidentally recruiting Hawai'i Fridays captain and actual bird Fletcher Yamamoto to the team. (The Lovers' adopted void NaN transferred to the Fridays in his place, as they were "ready to leave the nest.")

The circumstances of their friendship notwithstanding, Yamamoto and Garcia did, in fact, form a close bond as the two newest members of the Lovers. The recent construction of the aviary proved beneficial to Yamamoto, who found it to be suitable nesting quarters. The two of them are also reportedly friendly with cousins Milo Brown and Bontgomery "Bonty" Mullock, who are both quite popular with birds, as they are literally tree people.

AlexKitfox (talkcontribs)

Love it!

Inumo (talkcontribs)

Per collaboration policy, the IRM entry is being removed until this conversation is settled. It was previously IF-33.286. Please find the proposed entry below:

Court Wizard of the San Francisco Lovers

Though they were sad to see the loss of Jaylen Hotdogfingers, Knight Triumphant of the San Francisco Lovers welcomed the addition of Garcia to the team, as their court remained in dire need of a new Court Wizard. Being from the Magic, and with a reputation as both an experienced pitcher and an astute mage, Yeong-Ho quickly became highly regarded among the Lovers despite being a late addition to the team. Garcia was willing to accept the new role they were given, on the condition that they be allowed to spend time between games befriending the resident birds of the PolyHedron. Triumphant accepted Garcia's request, and they were bestowed a falconer's glove and a wizard's tower in which to practice wizardry and spend their free time maintaining their new aviary.

Yeong-Ho's aviary contains no falcons, but instead a murder-colony of trained crows and seagulls. Originally Yeong-Ho's aviary only contained crows, with whom they were previously most familiar while in Yellowstone, but they quickly noticed that as there were a large number of seagulls residing in San Francisco, and as they were just as easy for them to befriend, there was no problem with recruiting seagulls as well. Over time more and more gulls became recruited in the aviary, until it composed of roughly equal numbers of both species. Yeong-Ho's aviary has also caused a subtle ecological shift, with increased instances of cordial and symbiotic relationships forming between crows and seagulls in and around San Francisco.

Garcia's aviary also serves as the residence of new Lovers batter Fletcher Yamamoto, whom Garcia inadvertently recruited to the Lovers during a midseason game in Season 12.

Zigzagian (talkcontribs)

This looks great! The one thing I would say is that the current version of Yeong-Ho is technically an Alternate version, who walks upside down and such. You don't need to change the art or anything, but perhaps a little blurb about how the original Yeong-Ho went to San Fran as well, just to keep an eye on things, I think that would be neat. But that's just extra stuff, this could easily get uploaded without any qualms from me!

AlexKitfox (talkcontribs)

I believe I may have heard some Magic say at some point that they wanted the original Yeong-Ho to stay above Yellowstone, just to watch over them. Because Yeong-Ho is a founding member of the Magic, some people might prefer that interpretation over the original coming to join the alternate in SF.

Any other Magic willing to give their thoughts on this?

Dawnfeathers (talkcontribs)

I think either would be good! Perhaps OG Yeong Ho stays in Yellowstone to keep taking care of Grandma, outside of visiting for away games with the rest of the team?

Anonforlackofabettername (talkcontribs)

I don't really see an issue with the current interpretation of original Yeong-Ho. Our lore on what's going on with him is pretty spotty and inconsistent. I think if you want to mention him you could say something about how he splits his time between Yellowstone and San Fran checking in on his alternate and his old team. Or you could just not mention him and leave that undefined.

Phasmantistes (talkcontribs)

Yeah, I think any of the above are good! It's never really been clear (on purpose) whether both versions of Yeong-Ho exist at the same time or not, so I think any take here is good and valid.

See also the bit I wrote about Jaylen and Yeong-Ho arranging an exchange: Topic:W4hqmjiyc5h7ao90

AlexKitfox (talkcontribs)

Given that I'm not on the Magic, and OG Yeong-Ho is your baby, not the Lovers', I will 100% leave that up to you guys to add if and when you wish.

AlexKitfox (talkcontribs)

Hey all, it's been 24 hours so I'm adding this to the article. Thanks for the input!