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Hello Fridays! Let's talk NaN!

Uwunium (talkcontribs)

Hello Fridays, I am the NaN commissioner. (this is a joke i am not the commissioner)

I see that you all are trying to write your lore mostly through talk pages, which is very cool!! Shoot the ideas here and I can work with yall to come up with a summary to put on their page.

Firstly, I'm gonna start by consolidating some things that were said on the discord. - NaN came to Hawai'i, and the Fridays are hoping this gives them a chance to relax. - They get a cool pair of shades and also perhaps a pirate costume!!! Very cool stuff - There were mentions about NaN meeting Monty and recognizing them. - One concept on the feedback swap was NaN hearing the voice of Wyatt telling them to move to the Fridays. I think this is very interesting and can be woven in.

Secondly, here are some ideas myself and others have floated around- I want to hear yall's opinions on them! You aren't required to implement any of these, but they're good to be aware of.

- Fancy wrote this one: After Jaylen feedbacked from the Lovers, NaN was worried about losing their mentor. However, Jaylen told them that their journey should continue by them finding a mentor in one of the best hitters in the game- Nagomi McDaniels. Thus, NaN travelled to Hawai'i to continue their journey.

- someone in one of the servers I'm in said that, at first, NaN feels bad about the Fridays losing a captain and tries to help in some way to keep the team together- They feel as though they have to fill in. However, they learn that sometimes, it's best not to worry, as the Fridays are all about going with the flow and just vibing. They learn that when unexpected things happen, sometimes it's just best to ride the wave and vibe.

- uhhh........ I can't remember the various ideas that I came up with. They just kinda come and go it's the ADHD

And finally, here are some things we could start talking about! This list is by no means exhaustive, it's pretty much just throwing some ideas out there and getting things cooking. The best ideas come not from prompts, but from random thoughts in the middle of a conversation, so just THROW THINGS OUT THERE! Have fun with it! Nothing is off limits! :)

- On NaN's journey, they usually learn something/gain skills or knowledge/etc. Do the players help them on this quest? Do they give NaN a break from the quest? What does each player teach them/ who do they befriend?

- Hawai'i is a really cool place! What might NaN do there? What are some places/activities/etc. that the team would know about and might want to introduce a newbie to? Is there something NaN tries that they end up REALLY loving? Is there a cursed local delicacy that NaN ends up enjoying (or basically, is there a spicy milk?)

- NaN has a souvenir or two from every place they've visited- What should they bring home from Hawai'i? Who gives these things to them? What is the significance of these souvenirs? Are they souvenirs that would be helpful on their journey, like a spy's tool kit, or are they just keepsakes to remember the team by, something like the hot sauce recipe from the wings?

- Assuming you guys have NaN during certain big lore events, how do they respond to these? Is there angst? Who is there to comfort them? Alternatively, do they comfort anyone else? How did NaN respond to the team losing their captain?

- Literally any random headcanons! put em here!!! I wanna see em hand em over /lh!!!!! Has NaN secretly admired surfing this whole time? Maybe NaN has a special interest in volcanology? Or maybe even something as simple as "NaN is literally, physically, a Vibe." I love random hcs!!! theyre super fun!!

With this being said, NaN will probably leave the team at some point- this is important to understand. From what I've seen, you guys are super chill so I'm not worried about anything though. You guys have awesome vibes.

Okay that's all for my first post in here!!! :) I'm super excited to see what y'all come up with!

R4bbitdragon (talkcontribs)

The fridays don't have Cursed food, but our cookouts are great and the 3rd base snack cart always has spam musubi B)

I don't know how the timeskip effected NaN, but if they're still one of the younger players, maybe York Silk's mom would take a shine to them? (even though york is gone, his mom still attends the Fridays' games and brings snacks in her van, and is Nagomi's wife.)

Moom (talkcontribs)

I like the idea of NaN being sent to train with Nagomi who he expected to be an incredibly tough teacher but upon arriving there he learns that she too has had to relearn to relax & simply vibe. Him learning more from the rest of the team about being able to enjoy himself, not put so much pressure on being the hero he has to be & allowing himself to be the kid they are. That can also go into my headcannon that with the time skip York is almost the same age as his moms & that fact distresses them. Maybe Nagomi & the rest of the team unfairly use NaN as a replacement for York & have to learn something from him. What that may be I'm unsure. I like the idea of NaN teaching others & starting to actually put the things he's learned with other teams into practice.

CH00BEH (talkcontribs)

NaN 100% picks up surfing and/or hiking near volcanos to secret beaches. Souvenirs can include: surfboard, York's shirt, entirely too many leis, etc. Just no disturbing or taking any rocks/send/etc lest NaN invoke Pele's curse.

One thing I do want to be wary of is leaning into the "Hawai'i is a vacation place" trope—Hawai'i is a real place with people who live there, not just a tourist destination. The "island life" is embraced, though, so chill good vibes, taking a step back from the hustle and bustle, and just appreciating nature are things we can lean into.

One last thing from the discord which was very funny was that when swapping teams, Fletcher's captain hat passed through NaN and became several tiny hats.

Jenniferawrites (talkcontribs)

Also a note re: souvenirs, it is generally considered bad vibes to take natural things like sand, volcanic rocks, etc. away from the islands, so I think we should avoid that.