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Reinstallation of Full Page IRM and Additional Entry

Glassgoblin (talkcontribs)

I'm looking to hopefully reinstall Nagomi's IRM along with a new entry into said IRM to help freshen up her wiki page a bit!

The entry covers Nagomi's origin up to the grand siesta and is an in-depth exploration of her experiences on the Tigers, Fridays, Jazz Hands, and Crabs. This entry is a combination of pre-existing wiki lore, general team headcanons, this specific design of Nagomi (, and in-game statistics. It also includes mentions of York Silk, Landry Violence, Valentine Games, Forrest Best, and other fan favorites-- fun stuff!

Although this entry does share some similarities with her current wiki entry, I would like to keep them separate out of respect for the original author.

Link to the full text here:

Inumo (talkcontribs)

Speaking as an individual Jazz Hand and not a mod, I really like this lore! You clearly put a lot of thought into everything, and I greatly appreciate how the Jazz Hands' ideas from when we had Mcdaniel are still present. :)