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Beelijah (talkcontribs)

Bevan Underbuck is a Late Cretaceous, 72-million-year-old, bird-like dromaeosaurid theropod dinosaur. The holotype specimen was discovered in 1993 by 14-year-old fossil hunter York Silk. The skeleton that Silk discovered was approximately 95 percent complete. Because of its completeness, it has been compared to the 'Rlosetta Stone' that enabled archaeologists to translate Egyptian hieroglyphics. The completeness and undistorted qualities of the bones were critical in helping scientists further understand the dinosaur-bird link. Research indicated that Bevan may have had mutually opposable first and third fingers and a forelimb maneuverability that would allow the hand to reach its mouth. This would have given the animal the ability to "hold" food in its front limbs and place it in its mouth, in a similar manner to some modern-day small mammals. However, Bevan lacked the ability to bring their arms past a suborbital position, resulting in them being a little bit terrible at Blaseball.

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We're also working on some sections for their time on the Jazzhands and Fridays specifically, so look forward to that.