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EmuWarVet (talkcontribs)

Fragment From The Annals of The Last Godslayer

. . . And it did come to pass that in its final moments, the Burning God did see its time run out, like sand passing through open fingers.

The triumphant arrow, loosed by The Last Godslayer, Killer of Fire, did strike through the incandescence, plunging deep within.

Its mighty barb did pierce the other side. As it bled, the God did shed tears of fire and let out howls of ash. It was to no avail, there would be no mercy.

In its last halting gasp of life, the Raging Inferno did spit out a curse upon The Last Godslayer, that she may know "Peace and Prosperity" in the Darkness she had wrought. . .

- Author Unknown

EmuWarVet (talkcontribs)

Gonna add this as a foreword to Dark Seattle in a few days if everyone is cool.