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Editing The Sound Tech Shades

EmuWarVet (talkcontribs)

The shades of Roadies past, unable to rest until they have prepared the most perfect sound stage in their storied lifetimes. While many lay claim and take credit for the unbeatable acoustics of Garage stadium, the truth of the matter lies with the shadowy ghost that linger at the barest edges of our vision, surrounding newly tuned basses and freshly cleaned amps. The Shades of legendary Roadies of yore, their storied knowledge keeps the acoustics on point, though they do have a penchant for stealing Gwiffs beer, seeing as only beer so weak as to be a fleeting memory can sustain a ghost. Gwiff knows someone, or something, is stealing it, but has no proof. The batter has attemtped to catch whatever perpetrators there may be, but is always foiled by the ancient Roadie Magicks of Duch Taape. Additionally, they also help maintain and stock the shrines/vending machines of lost players, often attempting to comfort the living who also take this task upon themselves. A commonly held theory at the Garage stadium is that a Roadie boards a bus to the Great Eternal After Party every time the last song from their last gig is sung at the stadium. This is attributed to the often spontaneous outbreak of singing at the end of games.

EmuWarVet (talkcontribs)

Will add this in to the main in a few days if everyone is happy.