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Adding Trade to Crabs, and Robot building content

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UnabashedlyRose (talkcontribs)

Adding text for the trade to the Crabs with Evelton claiming to be responsible, but making it clear that is not the case.

Adding a section for Evelton building robots and gadgets for both the schemes and the Crabs, as well as implying that Evelton is working on a new projector for Luis Acevedo.

Full text is:

Trade to the Baltimore Crabs

Evelton has claimed that the season 10 People's Champions trade for themselves, Baldwin Breadwinner, and Bevan Underbuck was part of an scheme to "steal ascension" from the Baltimore Crabs. While no other reports from the Hawaii Fridays have backed this up as an intentional plan, it is clear that the trade did take place from the presence of Nagomi McDaniel, Sutton Dreamy, and Montgomery Bullock (and Bontgomery Mullock) in the ILB even as the Crabs were called up.

From the Telescope

While it is unclear exactly what is happening in the Big Leagues, Baltimorean telescope watchers have reported catching glimpses of Evelton working on a series of robots and gadgets inspired by their time with the Huston Spies. While occasionally these gadgets seem to actually work as intended, for the most part anything designed for heists, criminal enterprises, schemes, or plans, seems to struggle to operate as intended. Instead they will often simply question why they were made, who they are, if a copy of someone else is still a person, or if they have a |||||.

Notably Evelton has been reported as working alongside Parker Parra on some kind of contraption for teammate Luis Acevedo, who's hard light projector and ||||| is considered the intellectual property of Crypton Fluture Media. While they were unable to be reached for comment directly, the Crabs legal team has made a statement that "there are no laws in space".