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IRM: The Harpy Farrell Seagull

Cass (talkcontribs)

Farrell Seagull was a creature with characteristics both of a bird and a human, and, as such, she is often compared to harpies from Greek mythology. Described as "the least sexy cryptid imaginable" by Lang Richardson, she sported Dunnock-esque grey-brown feathers, frequently covered in the diotomaceous earth that she dust-bathes in to keep the insects away.

Seagull was best known by her teammates for her stealing, and she was responsible for the theft of Jessica Telephone's BMX and the breaking in and trashing of Beasley Day's apartment. She kept the things she stole in her nest, a hidden wattle and daub platform in the rafters of Tastykake Stadium. The nest itself was constructed of stolen baseball bats, spit, and other stolen materials.

While Seagull knows English and is capable of speaking it, she refuses to as a personal choice. She prefers to make raven-like cries and occasional curses.

Seagull is easily distracted and will often cock her head and look around the stadium, presumably for things to bring back to her nest. This behavior at the plate has led to numerous strikes.