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Adding "Criminal History Subheading and also Nlordstrom

Summary by UnabashedlyRose

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UnabashedlyRose (talkcontribs)

Looking to add a new subheading for crimes to this, and the other IRMs. This one would be allegations of shoplifting from luxury goods stores, and has a cameo from Kennedy Loser!

I also want to specify that Forrest used to be a Nlordstrom mannequin solely because I think that details is funny and it's come up in the crabitat a couple of times. I will also settle for Mlacys.

Text is the following:

Criminal History

As a part of the Interviews performed in season 4 it was revealed that Forrest Best's pregame ritual is 'doing crime'. Forrest has not commented on the nature of these crimes though there is speculation that it has been involved in a long running series of shoplifting incidents of luxury clothing. Forrest has been seen sporting a number of items similar to the ones stolen, but insists that it is simply expressing it's interest in fashion, and borrowing pieces from Kennedy Loser's closet. When asked Kennedy confirmed that "Yes those were in a closet in my house. I'm not sure how they got there, but I don't think that's illegal now is it?"