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Adding a "Criminal History" Subheading

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UnabashedlyRose (talkcontribs)

Looking to add a new subheading for crimes to this, and the other IRMs. This one would be allegations that Luis and Forrest do cybercrime together, and that CFM (see Luis' page for details on them!) has been their most recent target due to their relationship with Luis.

Text is the following:

Criminal History

As a part of the Interviews performed in season 4 it was revealed that Forrest Best's pregame ritual is 'doing crime'. Forrest has not commented on the nature of these crimes though there is speculation that it has been involved in a recent string of cybercrimes that began in Season 8, coincidently directly after Luis Acededo was traded to the team. While neither Forrest or Luis have made any comments on the allegations, Crypton Fluture Media has put out a statement condemning these rumours as patently false. Internal documents have however revealed that CFM has made significant investments in their own cyber security infrastructure since this trade, which has lead to further speculation that recent leaks of company data may not have been an "employee error" as they have previously claimed.