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New IRM for Immortal Trickster Tot Fox

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UnabashedlyRose (talkcontribs)

Proposing and IRM entry that implies Tot Fox is an immoral trickster of unknowable age, and adding a variant on the "Run that Destroyed the Sun" subheading. This would replace the text for the "Trade to the Baltimore Crabs" subheading.

Feedback Transfer to the Crabs

During a Season 4 Day 25 game against the Baltimore Crabs Tot Fox was caught in the Feedback and swapped to the Crabs, with Valentine Games taking their place on the Jazz Hands.

It was not until more recently when former Seattle Garages player Luis Acevedo joined the team in season 7 that questions were raised about this Fan favourite. As part of their advertising line for and upcoming album Crypton Fluture Media released a recording of an audio call between Luis and their partner Tot Clark. While only one side of the conversation was released to the public the transcript is included bellow;

Tot! It's the same fox!
Yes I'm sure! The one from 1851!
No I didn't make it up that time either, Tot Fox is *literally* the same one who -
Ok yes that does mean I'm *still* not the oldest person on the team, but that's hardly the point.

When asked to comment Tot simply winked and grabbed the windscreen off the reporter's microphone before scampering off into the nearby woods.

The Run the Killed the Sun

In Season 10 Day Tot Fox batted in teammate Silvaire Roadhouse and scored the 10th run in the final game of the IBL Championships, which triggered a black whole that destroyed both the moon and the sun.

When asked to comment Tot Fox clarified that this was unintentional deicide, and offered their apologies to anyone who might have a strong attachment to this particular sun, and that "Sun 2 looks pretty good! I mean the colour is a little off but I think it's a fine example of what a sun can look like. See? No harm done" Notably at the time of the interview she and Silvaire were wearing matching "Sun Destroyer" jackets. The Hellmouth Sunbeams could not be reached for comment.