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Adding a "Run that Destroyed the Sun" Subheading

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UnabashedlyRose (talkcontribs)

in Honour of the fact that Tot destroyed the sun in Season 10, I propose the following addition as a subheading between the Crabs history and our lovely poem;

The Run the Killed the Sun

In Season 10 Day Tot Fox batted in teammate Silvaire Roadhouse and scored the 10th run in the final game of the ILB Championships, which triggered a black whole that destroyed both the moon and the sun.

2 Shortly before ascension Tot was caught on video by a fan at the Crabitat where she commented that it "was an accident, and [she was] really quite embarrassed about the whole thing". The background of the shot includes footage of the rest of the Baltimore Crabs celebrating their victory, and Silvaire declaring she is ready to "throw down with any planetary body that's getting too big for its britches".