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IRM: "Baby Bell" Nic Mora

Cass (talkcontribs)

Nic Mora, the younger sister of the Telephone twins (Jessica and Sebastian), decided to play blaseball after the success that her siblings (particularly Jessica) found in it. While she was always better at hitting, she decided to pitch because she didn't want to be accused of following in her sister's footprints. Because of her siblings' popularity and because of her own immaturity, she became widely known as the "little sister of the League" and in some circles as "the bratty bottom of the League."

Like her sister, Mora is a trans woman, and claims to be, like her sister, sapphic. In fact, Mora brings it up in almost every conversation, often referring to fictional female characters as her "wives." Despite this, she frequently and exclusively sleeps with cishet men.

Mora has a surprisingly deep knowledge of Latin, though she frequently talks about how she hates the language. She says this is because her high school teacher was transphobic, but it was really because she tried to seduce him and he refused her.

Snerkus (talkcontribs)

this is funny i like it

Silverfallingstar (talkcontribs)

I have some serious concerns about the content of this IRM.

First, "bratty bottom of the League", that to me, really crosses that pg-13 line that blaseball intends to have. It just feels very uncomfortable.

Second, the fact that she's a trans woman being sapphic for clout in order to be more like her sister Jessica, and exclusively "sleeps" with cishet men. Again, this is a game meant to be PG-13, this crosses that line for me, not to mention that both as someone whos genderqueer and wlw, I don't want to see things about how someone is faking being sapphic despite "frequently and exclusively" being involved with men. It comes off as very poor taste.

Thirdly, she claims her high school teacher was transphobic but it was because she was coming on to him and he said no? Thats really messed up and icky. This plus that previous paragraph really comes across as the predatory trans trope, which is incredibly damaging and transphobic. Not to mention the issue of a minor trying to get into a relationship with a teacher, then calling him transphobic for doing the right thing of not encouraging that at all, that's REALLY not cool to see here.

A less agregious issue is that the last paragraph of the "Mora: The First Pie" section comes off as a really underhanded dig at fans of Jessica Telephone, which just isn't cool in general.

TL;DR: This IRM comes off as Transphobic and Homophobic, and also mean spirited towards fans of JT, and I don't think this has a place in Blaseball as it stands

ElloElloEllo (talkcontribs)

Yeah this IRM is uncomfortable and feels mean spirited. If it's supposed to be funny, it's not.

Snerkus (talkcontribs)

just for context, this IRM was written by a trans woman. but it is edgy, and i get that

Cass (talkcontribs)

I'm sorry you feel that way. As you may or may not have noticed from the other Nicholas Mora lore or Pies' interactions with him, he is a really shitty person. The "Nic Mora" IRM was meant to continue that shittiness. The things that you pointed out in the lore that are shitty and icky are intended to be read as shitty and icky. Depicting a trans person as less than ideal is not transphobic, though some in the blaseball community continually refuse to acknowledge it. Blaseball players are fictional characters with fan-made personas and do not have to be role models or friends. I find that they are much more interesting when they are not.

Likewise, the references to Jessica Telephone and her fans are clearly satirical. What you called a "really underhanded dig" was meant as an absurd jest, as the situation is absurd to the point of silliness. Ultimately, I'm not sorry for this lore, which I, a trans lesbian, still think is pretty funny, and it is inevitable that people will not see eye-to-eye on the purpose of blaseball lore, but it is unfortunate this will undoubtedly turn into heated discourse and be removed for the administrators' peace of mind more than anything.

I will grant that "bratty bottom" might be inappropriate, though I really have a hard time imagining that getting cut from a PG-13 film, and a reference to someone "sleeping with" someone else is certainly not beyond PG-13.

ElloElloEllo (talkcontribs)

Being a trans lesbian does not preclude this IRM from causing discomfort to those who do not share your sense of humour.

Cass (talkcontribs)

Then I would encourage them not to think of the character this way. If they do not find the other lore that is on the IRM agreeable, I encourage them to write their own!

If you truly find this IRM so uncomfortable, maybe you could recommend that a content warning be added. I'll leave that to the admins.

Nesblitt (talkcontribs)

We've received private complaints in addition to the public ones. The administration team is currently discussing.

Nesblitt (talkcontribs)

After considering the complaints and the entry, we've decided to remove the material completely. This is not the first time the author has intentionally antagonized other wiki contributors under the guise of "satire" about this topic and we will not tolerate that. Any additional moderation actions will be discussed privately with the relevant parties.

Snerkus (talkcontribs)

disappointing, cass was my favorite contributor here