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The original Baltimore Crabs were founded in ██52, and had an intricate relationship with the Mother Crab, though reports vary on what exactly it was. This peaked with the murder of the Old One by the people of Baltimore. Though details remain unclear to outsiders it is commonly agreed by Baltimorean's, including the original Baltimore Crabs team, that it "had to be done".

Members of the Crabs have said that they are driven to be the best blaseball players they can be, so that they may ascend to the gates of blaseball's pantheon and, repeated, "strangle the blaseball gods with [their] bare hands/claws." While they could not be reached for comment since their ascension, it is assumed that they are achieving mixed results.

Players on the Baltimore Crabs, as well as the people of Baltimore often undergo a little understood process referred to as Carcinization; the process of a person turning, partially or fully, into a Crab. While occasionally this process can occur at birth, it is also often recorded later in life, or happening to inanimate objects or buildings in the area.