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Adding Entries for Season 10 and Season 11

Summary by UnabashedlyRose

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UnabashedlyRose (talkcontribs)

Adding to the chart for our season results, since it's short I'll just include the full text here.

Backdraft 69-30 After a strong season and sweeping the first two rounds of the playoffs the Crabs met the Shoe Thieves for a rematch in the finals. On their third and final game of the series Tot Fox scored the 10th run and destroyed the Sun and the Moon, and ate one of the Shoe Thieves' Wins, leading to a final score of -1-3. After the game the Crabs faced off against the Shelled One's Pods in Day X, and were defeated in the bottom of the first inning. Regardless of their defeat, this third championship victory did trigger ascension and the Crabs were called up to the Major Leagues.

Peace and Prosperity 1-98 The Big Leagues - the crabs were obscured from sight only viewable through the Telescope. Though eventually located at Blaseball2, the crabs remain trapped in The Big Leagues and proceeded to loose 49 consecutive games. Their single victory in game 50 was followed by another 48 consecutive losses.

UnabashedlyRose (talkcontribs)

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