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Dale Lore Reorganization

Sav (talkcontribs)

Our History page mostly isn't....history?? So I want to move things around so they appear where people would intuitively look for them, and make it easier to see where new lore should be added. No content in any of these sections would be removed, only arranged in a way that makes sense with how the team's wiki lore has grown. My thoughts are: -Move the Ownership and Sponsorship sections onto the main Dale team page under a "Financial Support" heading (or smth like that) -Move the Elder League to its own page, and link from the main Dale team page under an "Affiliated Leagues" heading -Create a Miami Dale/Team Culture page and move Beverage Culture and Music Culture there -Revamp the history page to be chronological and divided by era, add some historical events that aren't really recorded anywhere but are important to the team's history.

These suggestions, and an outline for the proposed additions to the History page, have also been posted in the #siesta-lore channel in the Dale Nightlife server for community feedback and contributions.