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FakeFries (talkcontribs)

I've been noticing some paragraphs or segments repeated, like one of the cats over in the cafe or the party time bonuses in season 8. I was able to fix it with the cat but I can't get it right here. I presume this is some sort of thingy where maybe there's some bot auto reverting my edits because my account was just created earlier today or perhaps it's only showing for me. I'm not too sure on this though, or even I'm using the discussion page right because like I said, my account was created mere moments ago.

ItsSteve (talkcontribs)

Thanks for trying to fix this, this happens sometimes due to various user errors. I see you got the Cat Cafe patched up, that looks clean now, and I've locked it to keep it clean.

As for the Season 8 page, that's about the time when we started being able to automate things, so there are some duplicates from time to time. It's more than I care to explain here, but if you look at the page now, the templates at the bottom summon the Party Time and Hit by Pitch records, which are built on a massive table elsewhere, which is automatically generated during live games. So I've cleaned that up now too. Very weird.

In any case, if you spot stuff like this in the future and want to ask questions, the fastest way to get in contact with us is via the Blaseball Discord. Thanks for keeping an eye out!