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I've had some lore written for Ayanna for a while now, I just need to get it posted. Here's a brief summary:

  • Ayanna was accidentally created by the Japanese company Tsukao, trying to create new types of waters to sell.
  • She ends up being raised and trained to be the company's mascot by Tsukao's R&D department, until the company goes bankrupt and she leaves.
  • She "says" she got to the Lift after getting a job, everyone else says she was fished out of Tokyo Bay by Stijn. (She wanted to say hi to it.)
  • Now, on the Lift, she's popular and has many sponsors.
  • Ayanna is known to be childish and obsessed with proper hydration, to the point of it being rumored that she only joined the IBL to promote hydration among players.