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Alter Eagle (talkcontribs)

-Velasquez "Asphodel" Meadows, Resident psychopomp for the Moab area, trained under ???????, as the Hellmouth seems to cause problems for souls attempting to "cross"
-Affiliated with the moon and the underworld, and had/has the appearance of floating underwater/being gently tugged by tidal forces
-Only has jurisdiction of "ordinary" souls, Does not have jurisdiction over the souls of blaseballers, which he only discovered when Rhys was incinerated at the start of S3 (sunbeams were not in any games with S2 incinerations)
-people who knew him remember him as a quiet, strong, and purposeful person, a father figure to many (and an actual godfather to Esme Ramsey?) including dudley Mueller when it arrived on the team, which can be seen in Dudley's similarly quiet personality
-Has speculated in interviews that his adaptation was spiritual sensitivity and a foot in the underworld, adding to the going theory that adaptation can be retrocausal

after incineration:
-stuck around as a ghost and happily kept offering services as a batting coach/dad figure to those who need it
-can only show up in moonlight, artificial light or sunlight dissipates him (this has resulted in some issues manifesting around Lars Taylor and Sandoval Crossing)
-Hellmouth-regional psychopomp duties were mostly taken over by Nagomi Nava