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Orphaned Rumor: IF-72.952

Inumo (talkcontribs)

During the wiki migration, moderators noticed that the following rumor had been added to Nagomi Mcdaniel's IRM without prior Talk page discussion:

Nagomi was supposed to ascend. They were supposed to be gone. But Lady Friday wanted to give comfort to Mrs. Silk. So Nagomi is still here, keeping their wife company until the family can become whole again. Nagomi visits York Silk in Canada whenever they can. When asked how they can play Blaseball with the Hawaii Fridays and be in Canada at the same time, they shrugged, and said "I can make it work".

We are relocating it to the Talk page for discussion per our collaboration policy. If, after 24 hours have passed, there is no ongoing discussion about the rumor and the original author wants to re-attach it to the IRM, they may do so.