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Lore Connecting Alexandria Dracaena to Hendricks Richardson

Inumo (talkcontribs)

'Beams wanted to do some lore work w/ Hendricks Richardson, and asked the Hands to come up w/ some lore explaining how he might be tied to Alexandria Dracaena as a motivation for getting into Blaseball. We're currently voting via the official Discord (in #the-groove of the Jazz Hands channels) between the following three options:

  • Richardson & Alexandria were drinking buddies in grad school. Sets 'em up to be friendly.
  • Richardson met Alexandria (a former old African commune resident) doing field research & became friends there. I personally like this 'cuz it also opens the door to Black Alexandria headcanons, but it's also not as clean of a friendship starter.
  • The hybrid option. Richardson met Alexandria on the field research expedition, but then re-met Alexandria & became drinking buddies with xem while he finished his dissertation/into his professorship.

Comment below if you have a particular favorite option, though please don't double-vote between the Discord & this Talk page. This post is also cross-posted to Richardson's, so please don't double-vote that way either (recognizing that it'd be a lot easier to spot in that instance).

Ale (talkcontribs)

(new to talk - saying hi from the Mills, and would love to help lore of the Dracaenas being close siblings. Though want to leave the floor open for other Mills to join in as well, your note got passed on to the side server =) How is the best way to help y'all?) Love the developing lore of Hendricks and Alex being buddies.

Inumo (talkcontribs)

Talk pages &/or official Discord messages are fine, tbh; our lore channel's only on a 20min slowmode, though some of that's 'cuz most of us are deliberately in Siesta-mode ourselves. Mostly I just wanted to make sure y'all were aware this vote was happening, since Alexandria participating in an old African commune could also influence Thomas' lore, depending on how you interpret Thomas' sibling origins. I mean, he's not a vampire, so obviously he wasn't in the commune at the same time...

Ale (talkcontribs)

Deffo not a vampire ...though if he was the jokes mills make tend to paint him as being a lot older than he looks (a lot think of him as a vamp bc that seems to be the joke behind the wiki entry, and its a fun bit to pretend one of the players is "Not a Vampire"), though nothing set in stone. Such as Mills lore goes. Depending on how old y'all figure Alex to be they could be bio siblings that were/weren't traveling together at the time - or maybe even found siblings, friends that consider themselves to be defacto siblings (and maybe space for collab hands/mills Dracaena name lore somewhere down the line) - or this could even leave space for a whole new interpretation of Thomas someday. One cool suggestion I saw in Beams was that Alexandria definitely talked about Thomas to Hendricks, so Hendricks knew quite a lot about Tom before joining the league. Drac is my fav so I'm biased, but I thought that was super cute and also kind, since it leaves room for Hendricks and Thomas to possibly have a strong bond (in a currently undetermined amount of time)