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GayMothman (talkcontribs)

We in the lore discord wanted to bring up a concern one of our members noticed on the wiki page. It has Fitzgerald listed as born in 1880 in Birmingham, Alabama and then goes on say that the origin of the last name Wanderlust may be adopted. Due to the time period and the location, this is a heavy allusion to slavery despite not using the word slavery. Blaseball is not the space for conversations about slavery and its after effects. Additionally, he is listed as involved in some real life activism related to italian-american communities, which feels both performative to add a blaseball player into a real-life event and strange that Fitz would not be helping his own community. I propose that we remove the references to the time period, the birth place and the adoption of the surname as well as the activism with respect to Sacco and Vanzetti.