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(Im)perfect Pitch (talkcontribs)

Marijuana pitched the opening game of the Season 11 Internet Series between the Seattle Garages and the Hellmouth Sunbeams, playing what was arguably the best game of his entire career. Faced with a Sunbeams batting lineup blessed by both Fourth Strike and Walk In the Park, the single star pitcher nevertheless threw 6 strike outs and by technicality pitched a 6-0 Shutout after the Sunbeams’ 10 runs were converted into a win in the Bottom of the 10th inning.

In a rambling address to the press after the game, Marijuana confided: “I’m so proud of my boys, you know? I guess everyone is after the whole thing with that Shelled One character. Nothing like that happened in Blaseball when I was a younger man, let me tell you. Oh, the game? Sure man, what do you want me to say? I could sit here and tell you I pitched this one for Seattle, or for an old man’s vanity… but truth is the whole time I was up on the mound I was thinking about Dominic and Randal. After everything they’ve done for common folks like you and me… I wanted them to finally have a reason to be proud of their old man.”