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Superstitions (talkcontribs)

The current joke is funny, but we'd like to make Miki Santana a little more of a character than they are currently. We'd like to move the current lore to IRM, and replace it with this:


- Miki Santana is a famous musician as well as Blaseball player - They use their music to transmit and hide messages and influence behavior (think a high-tech Josephine Baker)

On the Field

- Santana was one of the Spies' best players - Was investigated by the ILB for using recording equipment on the field

Music Career

- Santana made electronic music in a variety of genres - Their music and Blaseball career allowed them to travel the world and do spy stuff


- The Seattle Garages honored Santana at a secret show immediately following her incineration (she was incinerated in a game against the Garages)

Glumbaron (talkcontribs)

Ever listened to the TMBG song "Working Undercover For The Man"? This idea has similar energy. (this is a good thing)