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New Rivalliance - Charleston Shoe Thieves

Alter Eagle (talkcontribs)

The Beams and Thieves formalised a Rivalliance when the Beams were throwing a rivalliance party for Wild Low, then realised that the Thieves gave the Sunbeams Tag Team Fourth Strike in the Season 10 Elections which also helped their S11 prospects a lot.

Additional connections include Esme Ramsey, a former Sunbeam prior to the return of Blaseball in Season 1, and also the expansion of the Smokehouse Gang, a smoke-and-fire-themed group of sitcom-watchers, expanding to include Iggy Delacruz and Miguel James.

The Beams also recruited the Thieves as "criminal consultants" to make sure Sun(real) wouldn't be heisted by eternal rivals the Garages.

Possible names for this Rivalliance include Shoebeams, Sun Thieves, Solerbeams, or Grand Larsunny.