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Rivalliance Party (Guest Stars: CHST)

Alter Eagle (talkcontribs)

The Beams used the Wild Low Clubhouse to host a big thank you party after S11 for their Rivalliances the Wild Low, and also invited the Shoe Thieves after someone (Probably Sandoval?) realised their shared blessings also got the Beams to the championship.

The Thieves had to Charleston Two-Step to... A Charleston, near Miami Boston or LA, which was a very cool thing I learned they can do. This initially entailed stealing a W so they could travel to Charlestown, Boston, but then they remembered the Memorial Bat Garden exists and they've got a portal to it.

Afterward, everyone headed home at the end, tired, happy, with new friends, barefoot. Gunther O'Brien really liked the flotation-toy-filled pool adjoining the Clubhouse, and almost refused to leave.

Any additional suggestions for antics which happened at the party would be welcome additions!