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DLART - Dallas Links Area Regional Transit - system of above-ground public trains, buses, etc., all of which are equipped with one grill per train car, bus level, etc. All grills have access to a common pocket dimension for any cooking tools, food, sauces, marinades, accessories, etc. a griller may need to cook.

Very handy for a newly-selected Grill Master to get warmed up on the way to George Foreman Stadium and for apprentices to practice while in transit, though really, anyone of age of majority (18 in Dallas, younger with parental/guardian supervision) who can operate the grill is welcome to it. Proceeds from DLART fares go toward keeping the transports running and grills cooking.

DLART and the Steaks work together to locate the new Grill Master and coordinate their quick, direct transport to George Foreman Stadium. The only rule on the DLART grill: the incoming Grill Master always has priority. No one has defied this rule, nor has anyone found reason to. It is an honor for a DFW denizen to be on the same transport as the incoming Grill Master. Some ride the rails and busses all day, hoping to meet the next mortal host of the grilling hand of the Dadconscious. To taste of their work before they assume their post at GFS is to taste of fresh inspiration of They Who Grilled First.