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Blargo (talkcontribs)

Who is this player? What are they made of? What are they like? What are their pronouns?

• I think there's been a lot of discussion/agreement that Uncle Plasma is a Noir-style detective, in partnership with Liquid Friend.

• I heard somewhere that Uncle Plasma is everyone's Uncle. This seems obviously wonderful to me. Uncle Plasma should be everyone's uncle, and especially Liquid Friend's Uncle.

• I also read an interesting theory from ZweiHawk in the discord: "Park3r was vaporized (gas), P4rker was percolated (liquid), and PVrker is okay for now (solid) If Parkers go down in number for their state, and Uncle Plasma is well, plasma... P2rker is uncle plasma"

• There's also been a bit of discussion about Uncle Plasma being simply another state of the same matter that makes up Liquid Friend.

UpsidedownDuck (talkcontribs)

Hey, Uncle Plasma Twitter RPer here. Uncle Plasma, as I interpret them, is the head of the BC Noir detective agency. They are everyone's uncle, especially Liquid Friend. Also, through some RP shenanigans, XVI (Major Arcana) has also been hired by the agency. The theory from ZweiHawk is something I haven't heard. I think that is really cool, but it sounds like something that would be canonized by the devs or someone like that.

Blargo (talkcontribs)

Awesome!- sounds spot on.

I agree, about fanciful ZweiHawk theory, I think it's cool but until/unless it gets picked up by the community at large and starts to feel really cannon, it's probably not a huge factor.