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Origins/ as a Detective Office

Blargo (talkcontribs)

• First off, am I correct that it's largely been agreed in the discord discussions that Liquid Friend and Uncle Plasma are/were part of a Noir-style crime fighting detective agency?

Would it be cool to put the emergence of BC Noir into the larger context of Blaseball / what was happening at the time? Maybe they were invited into the league to investigate that rumor about Tillman having something to do with ETR not happening? I drafted something to this effect below:

• Maybe they were hired by an anonymous source to investigate an alleged crime that came to light in the Grand Siesta's Court proceedings involving Parker McMillan III? Something like the duo were given a transcript of witness testimony that described a “particularly Mountain Dewy” figure emerging from the commissioners box on the fateful day that Eat The Rich failed to be enacted, and Uncle Plasma and Liquid Friend were invited to the league to investigate. So the best way to get close to the league... was to start their own team! And B.C. Noir was born.

• Maybe even a vague rumor that the Coffee Cup might have been started for the sole purpose of giving Liquid Friend and Uncle Plasma access to the league for further questions in their investigation, but this has not been confirmed nor denied.

(update: I tweeted Uncle Plasma about this, and they could not confirm nor deny any such investigation.)

UpsidedownDuck (talkcontribs)

Hey, Uncle Plasma Twitter RPer here! I think that sounds like a fun idea, I just didn't want to make that decision myself on Twitter. I also don't believe Plasma would reveal that information. Also, Plasma really likes blaseball. So that definitely motivated them in some fashion.

Blargo (talkcontribs)

Awesome! Hello! I totally agree, Plasma would be/ appropriately is hush-hush about a potentially ongoing investigation. And yes, that's prefect, they definitely are love blaseball too.