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Blargo (talkcontribs)

I figured we might want a little section for musings about the history of Liquid Friend and Uncle Plasma. (Possibly more of what I drafted here should go in the B.C. Noir page, rather than on the Liquid friend specific page?..)

• Before Blaseball, Liquid Friend was the long time best friend, nephew, and crime fighting partner of Uncle Plasma. The duo were quite successful in their enterprise, cracking many big cases. Liquid friend and Uncle Plasma don’t often openly discuss their former adventures, but after absorbing a few drinks, they are known to tell *wild* stories about long, dreary, windswept nights and dramatically unfolding cases. The duo was known to always get their mark. No case too big, or too small.

UpsidedownDuck (talkcontribs)

Hello! I RP Uncle Plasma on Twitter. I think the Liquid Friend RPer established that Plasma hired them as a secretary. Their relationship is very much a professional one, although there is definitely some sass. I believe Liquid is trying to get fired, since Plasma signed them up to play a dangerous splort without consulting them, and if they quit they won't get unemployment benefits. However, Twitter RPers don't get the final say, and I think we're both open to change what we do if other options seem more fun.

Blargo (talkcontribs)

That's very fun, lol, I dig that interpretation a lot too- especially since there is twitter dialog to back it up! I think that sounds just as good, and potentially a bit more established.