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Proposals for Hall Stars/Release lore

Ian Gitax (talkcontribs)

Hall stars:

- Rather than possessing a fan, during Day X Landry was granted his own (somewhat squiddish) physical form.

- The umpire that incinerated Landry is rumored to also the Umpire that failed to incinerate him on day X.


- Landry has not been seen in public since day X, but his teammates insist he is "around here somewhere."

- Umpires officiating Tigers games have noted a noticeable increase in the risk of being struck by lightning while officiating Tigers games.

- Residents of Hades have begun worshipping Landry as a minor demigod.

Somniens (talkcontribs)

I'd suggest changing the last point to

-Residents of Hades have begun leaving tribute to him at the stadium as they believe it helps protect their favorite players.

This avoids making Landry into a sort of mythic figure which creates distance, and also stops the weird power association of worshipping someone.

Ian Gitax (talkcontribs)

Updated the page with the suggested changes.