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Dawnfeathers (talkcontribs)

So! I made the first in what will probably be a string of edits making this page a bit cleaner, since it was made early in the team's history and not updated much until now.

Further changes I'd like to make:

- Deleting disused chants (mostly the non-player specific ones)
- Fleshing out other aspects of fan culture (ie popular concessions, accessories, rituals, etc). 
- Possibly converting the player chants section into a table for legibility.

Changes I have made:

- Separating current chants and retired chants
- Updating with current players and chants (as of Coffee Cup siesta, Dec. 7 2020)
Dawnfeathers (talkcontribs)

Proposed chants to be removed:

  • Pack it in! (Followed by) Pack it out!
  • (During home games) This is where the magic happens!
  • (Following home runs, grand slams) ALA-KA-SLAM!
  • (After the Magic scores) And for my next trick!
  • (When hitting a Home Run) Home👏Run👏Bi👏Son!
  • (When hitting a Home Run) Magic Missile!
  • (When playing the Millenials) Glampsite's open
  • LET'S 👏 GO 👏 YELLOW 👏
  • We're Geyser Guys! We're Really Nice! We'll Steal Your Base! But Leave No Trace!
Silvaria (talkcontribs)

I agree with this in spirit, but maybe we could have a "retired chants" section for it instead? The idea of removing things people thought of when the team was smaller feels a little weird, and we could potentially merge it with chants for former players.

Malgic (talkcontribs)

^ I agree with creating a retired chants section. In following with the format that’s already set up it could go “Team General”, “Former Team General”, “Current Player Specific”, “Former Player Specific”. I do agree too with removing the ones you’ve chosen.

Dawnfeathers (talkcontribs)

I like the idea of a "retired chants" section more than I like "former team general" section. My goal was to make the page feel a little less bloated, but with more input I now agree that removing ideas people had is probably not the best way to do that.

ItsSteve (talkcontribs)

I'm just catching up on this chat, I love where this is all going, and I'm glad you came to the conclusion that it's good to have a "retired chants" section. Generally speaking, we don't want anything added to the wiki to be deleted at a later date; it's important to us that the full history of the culture is accessible whenever it's recorded here, especially for something like this where it's fairly easy to mark some sections as current or out-of-date.

Thanks for your thoughtful discussion!! Glad to see people making use of these pages!