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Additions to Team Culture

Alter Eagle (talkcontribs)

A couple additions I'd like to make to the Team Culture section, just to give readers a sense of how the team meshes together:

1) The Beams are generally not super-worked up when they're not very good at blaseball, to the point it doesn't bother them if others might point that fact out. In the grand scheme of things, what with living in the horror realm that is the Immaterial Plane and the Blaseball League, being bad at blaseball isn't worth losing braincells over. Win or Lose, they go get smoothies after the game.

2) The Beams never encourage anyone to come to Hellmouth, mostly because it's dangerous, but also because if you stick around too long you'll feel the tug and/or become Adapted and be forever tied to this place. If fate/blessings/weather/grim determination does lead someone here though, the Beams will do everything in their power to help the new player feel welcome. After all, supporting each other is the only way to survive in the hellish place we're in.

3) the Beams are active members of the wider hellmouth community - they run businesses here, several teach at the local community college, a lot of them are each doing their bit beyond the Solarium to help make Hellmouth that little bit more hospitable for everyone here.