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Stephen Manos, Certified Counterbalance Forklift Operator

Inumo (talkcontribs)

Proposing a new IRM entry, solely to allow Stephens Lightner to Get Off A Counterbalance Forklift and therefore be certified as a Counterbalance Forklift Operator based on shenanigans on the Discord. As summarized by Rocketknife:

Stephen Manos is a certified counterbalance forklift operator composed entirely of left hands, except for one right hand. He is a fan of jangly elevator music, safety, and step-by-step instructions. Manos helps Lightner remain calm and follow their plans in high-pressure situations, and also helps with fielding. Manos served as the narrator for a training video commissioned by the Hellmouth Counterbalance Forklift Safety Support Board.

Alter Eagle (talkcontribs)

the HCFSSB has a wiki page now! If it can be linked in when this IRM entry is published that'd be awesome.