Tillman Henderson/IF-89.809

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Return From the Trench

Upon his return from the Trench just prior to the Season 10 postseason, Tillman was noted to be "much easier to get along with" and "slightly more soft-bodied" than the player previously known as Tillman Henderson. Research by ILB reporters and Baltimore tabloid magazines quickly concluded that Tillman was, in fact, no longer the Tillman the Crabs had known and tolerated, and had in fact been replaced by a Tullimonstrum (or Tully Monster). As the new version was much more polite and easier on the eyes, despite being an equally terrible pitcher, his ILB peers quickly accepted the Tullimonstrum as ILB player Tillman Henderson. It is unknown what happened to the “original” Tillman who played for the Baltimore Crabs for Seasons 1-9, and no one cares enough to investigate.

Today, Tillman is a beloved member of the Charleston Shoe Thieves pitching rotation, and enjoys genial relationships with most of the ILB. Despite never knowing the Crabs prior to their ascension, Tillman has admitted to several reporters to "missing [his] dear friends, the Crabs" and "hoping the Crabs come down to visit soon". Tillman has also confessed in interviews to initially thinking the name Tillman was a mispronunciation of Tullimon, but being too nervous to correct anyone. However, he now seems to be comfortable answering to the name Tillman, or nicknames such as Tullman or Tilly Monster.

Tillman is a known enjoyer of smooth jazz and Muzak, and has recently released a spoken-word album of the work of Runolfio Peeper. Tillman is often seen carrying a briefcase, the contents of which are unknown. He has been seen producing Werther's Originals candies from it, as well as tissues, hand lotion, a book of the collected poems of John Keats, and hair ties (despite his own lack of hair). Tillman is thought of as a bastion of positivity in the ILB, and can be heard in the dugout frequently reminding the other Shoe Thieves to stay hydrated, and to do their best on the field.

Tillman is originally from the Mazon Creek fossil beds of Illinois, and as such, enjoys a close friendship with many of the Chicago Firefighters, including Declan Suzanne and Wesley Poole. He can often be found visiting Illinois during siestas and the off-season.

It is unknown if Tillman is originally a worm, a mollusc, an arthropod, a conodont, or a vertebrate. It is, however, known that Tillman can make a mean bolognaise sauce for team potlucks.