The Grill Master

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The Grill Master is the mascot of the Dallas Steaks. They are a dad at a barbecue, who is grilling steaks.


The role of Grill Master is filled at any given time by a local dad. Any person from the Dallas-Fort Worth area with sufficient Dad Energy can become the Grill Master for a given period of time, provided that they meet the following qualifications:

  • The Grill Master must be confident;
  • The Grill Master must be gregarious;
  • The Grill Master must be not nearly as funny as they think they are;
  • Despite being kind of annoyed by the Grillmaster's Whole Deal, the other barbecue attendees must be forced to admit: The Grill Master grills a mean steak.

Grill Apprenticeship Program

It is widely acknowledged that the duties for each game's Grill Master are quite demanding, given the significant grilling, barbecuing and social skills needed, so the Steaks instituted the Grill Apprenticeship Program. Any fan that would like to be a Grill Master but feels they aren't yet ready for it can sign up for the program, and they will be assigned a Grill Dad, a previous Grill Master who helps them develop their skills, including identifying by sight alone a steak's doneness or if chicken or pork are fully cooked, the techniques for applying proper grill marks, and how to tell a groan-worthy but endearing dad joke.