Texas Blittle League

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The remainder of this article contains lore created collaboratively by the Blaseball community.

The Texas Blittle League is a Blittle League division encompassing Dallas, Houston and adjacent municipalities. Containing a number of teams from across the area, the Texas Blittle League is known as the "Biggest Blittle League This Side of the Texas!", although few truly know what exactly this entails.

Some of the more notable teams include the Houston Austins, the Galveston Gumshoes, and the [REDACTED] Classifieds.

Houston Austins

The Houston Austins claim to be based in Austin, Texas, however their name seems to imply otherwise. Their training grounds are said to be located along the outskirts of Houston, inside of a renovated nuclear test neighborhood originally built in the 1950s. While living and schooling on-premises, the team practices Blaseball and learns valuable lessons about teamwork, perseverance, and infiltrating Austin to dismantle it from the inside.

Current Roster

  • Carmen Rodriguez
  • Smol Williams
  • Tol Williams*
  • Missy "MI6" Sixx
  • Paul Notorbit
  • Janelle Mayweather
  • Torchy Tlaco
  • Marlon O'Possum
  • Yubari Melon (Possibly related to Collins Melon)

*The existence of Tol Williams is still in dispute, as it may just be Smol Williams in a trenchcoat on the shoulders of another teammate.

[REDACTED] Classifieds

The [REDACTED] Classifieds are a REDACTED REDACTED team based in REDACTED. They have been reigning champions in the Texas Blittle League for REDACTED years running, and REDACTED REDACTED REDACTED REDACTED REDACTED REDACTED. Their current roster is classified at an incredibly high level of clearance, but recent alumni Son Scotch has been seen visiting them from time to time.

Galveston Gumshoes

The Galveston Gumshoes are a rough and tumble team from Galveston, TX. With a collective 9 years of investigative experience, these stern Teens know how to throw a swing (as long as a bat is involved)!